Our Story

CARTIS is a constant quest for excellence, a desire to transmit a passion, a French way of life to satisfy our customers through a new experience.

The son of a car collector, Sébastien spent his childhood sitting behind the wheel of his father’s classic models, dreaming that he would one day drive them. From cruising across Sardinia every summer in a 1963 MGB to discovering the electrically operated bonnet of the 1965 Impala, his memories of childhood are filled with precious moments. He would wait patiently for the weekend to come around, when he would repair some roadster’s headlight or change the coil of the Morgan while listening to the dulcet tones of Maria Callas. The weekend would also be his opportunity to enjoy all the excitement of a classic car sale. In 1992, at the age of nineteen, Sébastien decided to buy his first car, a 1967 MGB GT, which marked the start of his collection. Three years later, he landed a job in the motor fleet insurance sector, performing his duties diligently while also studying drama at the Chaillot National Theatre, thus satisfying his passion for the arts.
Twenty years went by during which Sébastien worked at a number of large companies. This experience allowed him to refine his perception of customer satisfaction and his taste for negotiation. He continued to expand his classic car collection, always holding on to that strong memory of himself, age five, sitting on his father’s lap behind the wheel of his Fiat 500. He then realised in 2018 that vintage cars could be an excellent, communicative medium to convey emotion and provide a perfect space for developing business relationships. Within this magic-filled bubble, the music of the engine and the car’s beautiful contours give all those aboard the perfect opportunity to let go and allow the present moment to occupy the space. These precious shared moments seal authentic bonds, all the more enhanced by the pleasure of riding in a vintage masterpiece, each one a true icon of the 1950s and 60s. Thus, Sébastien decided to create Cartis in order to apply his passion for the automobile and his quest for excellence to the satisfaction of his future customers.