The Cartis experience: A luxurious getaway in a timeless work of art

More than just a classic car rental, Cartis is an invitation to escape from it all.

Our GPS self-guided audio application guides you on beautiful countryside roads from the picturesque and tranquil to the wild and rugged.

Let our printed travel guides and in-car GPS tour app mark out your route, giving you more time to relax and enjoy an unforgettable experience discovering the most beautiful roads in France.

Treat yourself to a luxurious getaway behind the wheel of Marilyn Monroe’s Ford Thunderbird, James Dean’s Porsche 356, Brigitte Bardot’s Austin-Healey or even Ralph Lauren’s Morgan.

Let yourself be carried away by the powerful engine and beautiful contours of our classic cars and set off on a journey to discover France’s heritage. Leave behind the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life and live for the present moment, where all that matters is your own pleasure and peace of mind.

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Travel with total peace of mind

Throw away your maps and guides! The Cartis audio-guided GPS app has revolutionised the classic car rental market. This self-guided GPS audio app is built into your car. Make the most of your classic car journey and take advantage of its many features:

  • Effective in-car GPS navigation
  • Genuine tour guide
  • Géofencing
  • Offline display
  • Off-route alert
  • Printed travel guide

So, simply turn the key, activate our GPS and enjoy your classic car journey to the fullest, discovering beautiful roads and landscapes with your other half by your side or together with the whole family.

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In order to provide you with a completely unique classic car experience, we have selected a number of excellent hotels and restaurants that respect the Cartis values and commitments. All of these charming spots welcome their clientele in the great tradition of the French art of living. Rent today to discover the delicious cuisine and rich history of these legendary spots.

Our core focus: Your satisfaction

Since it is our top priority to offer you an experience that meets your expectations, we welcome all your direct feedback and comments through our satisfaction survey. You can also help us to continually improve our services by sharing your satisfaction rating and thoughts on social networking sites.