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Rent our classic cars

The Cartis classic car collection is the culmination of a long quest to find the very best in prestigious classic cars. We chose each vintage car in this collection with passion in our hearts. We sought them out through our network of experts in France and abroad, selecting each classic car for its mint condition, the history that it carries, and the beauty that it exudes.

Rent a classic car with Cartis and you will:

 - discover our picturesque itineraries custom-designed for your classic car rental.

- be covered by insurance, personal and vehicle assistance in case of breakdown, theft, fire or accident.

- travel with total peace of mind with our exclusive audio-guided GPS application, a true technological marvel.

Rent your classic car from the 1950s and 1960s, and we would be delighted to share with you the story behind each model, as well as anecdotes from our experiences as we sought them out and added them to the collection. Take the wheel of one these legendary classics from the ’50s and ’60s: renting a car from the Cartis collection is a destination in itself.

Rent the classic cars from the Cartis collection

    Rent our classic cars: A collection of art in motion

    When you rent a classic car with Cartis, you choose from a selection of exceptional vintage cars, each the work of a great automobile designer. Our vintage cars reflect the expertise of the '50s and '60s, which excelled both in terms of design and performance.

    Each classic car is unique, standing out both for aesthetics and handling. Climb in and experience the inimitable scent of the luxury leather interior and the irresistible roar of the engine.

    When we acquire each vintage car, we call upon renowned experts in classic car maintenance to restore or repair it. These skilled workers endeavor to repair rather than to replace original parts in order to preserve the original patina that constitutes the soul and history of Cartis vehicles.

    Our goal is to optimize the overall reliability of each classic car and preserve its original condition while improving our carbon footprint. For example, we replace the original ignition systems with electronic versions to reduce CO2 emissions.

    When you rent a classic car from the Cartis collection, you experience the automotive art of the '50s and '60s while respecting the environment.

    Rent a classic car with Cartis and discover the art of living of the 1950s and 1960s

    The post-WWII period, known in France as the “Thirty Glorious Years,” saw a great surge in creativity with the emergence of new trends in art, music, writing, and visual and automotive design. The classic cars of the Cartis collection correspond with the artistic trends of the '50s and '60s, and they contributed to the image of the eminent individuals who drove and owned them. As symbols of elegance and glamour, they represent a desire for freedom, travel and discovery, and even a touch of lightheartedness in the case of icons such as Brigitte Bardot.

    With her tousled hair, minimalist outfits, nonchalant air, wild spirit and rebellious nature—as she was known to stride barefoot into restaurants—, Brigitte Bardot embodied the true art of living of the '50s and '60s.

    Rent your classic car with Cartis and enjoy the art of living of the 1950s ans 1960s.

    Through the Cartis classic car rental, we seek to bring you a thrilling experience.

    Awaken your senses, spark your joie de vivre. Rent your classic car and fulfill your desire to escape the everyday. And you can share that pleasure with the guests of your choice.

    Enter the Cartis classic cars world and discover the Art of Travel in a legendary car.

    Rent our classic cars and discover our digital tourist application

    Your classic car is equipped with our exclusive audio-guided GPS application, Cartis GPS app, a true technological marvel. Available online or off, it guides you as you drive your vintage car so that you may fully savor every precious moment of your classic car journey.

    Keep off the beaten path in your Cartis classic car, and set off for the scenic roads of the French countryside mapped out for you by the app. Much more than a simple GPS, the app indicates all the not-to-be-missed sights. Like your own personal tour guide, it gives you details about the next stop or hotel on your itinerary and tells you where to find the selected gas station along the way. It is tailored to your classic car to guarantee you an enjoyable leisure driving experience.

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