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Austin Healey 100/6

« When the flag fell, she didn’t just want to beat the girls, she was out to beat the men as well”, Stirling Moss, brother of Pat Moss.

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Take the wheel of one of the greatest success stories of British design. Like a wildcat ready to pounce, its hindlegs arched, sleek and almost slightly aggressive, the Austin-Healey is a masterpiece of balance and elegance from the mind of designer Gerry Coker. Pat Moss, the highly successful rally driver, clocked in eleven class victories, fourteen female victories and two female European championship victories. A few years later, Brigitte Bardot and Sacha Distel could be seen driving the Healey at the port of Saint Tropez, showing off the car’s curvaceous body and eager expression.

Ingenious inventor and motor engineer, Donald Healey began his adventure with the Austin-Healey in his son’s garage, where they built it together, piece by piece. Despite a production run of just eighteen years, the “Big” Healey gradually became the symbol of British 1950s and 60s motor expertise and now stands as one of the most glamorous models of that era.

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