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The Cartis classic car rental in France came about through its founders’ passion for vintage cars and travel.

Because we believe that renting a classic car should always be an exceptional moment, we offer our guests an unforgettable experience:

- Each of our classic cars is unique, standing out both for aesthetics and handling. Our classic cars are maintained by experts in classic car maintenance.

When you rent a classic car in France with Cartis:

- You discover our picturesque itineraries custom-designed for your classic car rental.

- You travel with total peace of mind with our exclusive audio-guided GPS application, a true technological marvel embedded in your classic car.

- You and your classic car are covered in case of theft, fire and accident damage.

- We recommend tried-and-tested spots where you’ll enjoy the best of French gourmet food and hospitality during your classic car rental.

For a corporate event, an incentive to motivate your customers or a vintage car rental with your friends, rent a vintage car and travel at the wheel of one of the most beautiful classic cars of the ’50s and ’60s.

Discover an exhilarating moment that appeals to the senses like none other. With the Cartis classic car rental, no need for a map or roadbook: sit back and follow our digital tourist application, specially designed for classic car experiences so that you may serenely explore the heritage of France with your vintage car. Take in not-to-be-missed sights, thrill to emblematic destinations, and admire exceptional points of view. 

Rent the classic cars of the Cartis collection and step into the same model of vintage car that the stars chose: Marilyn Monroe’s Ford Thunderbird, James Dean’s Porsche 356, or Brigitte Bardot’s Austin Healey. Immerse yourself in the world of Cartis classic car and embark on a journey through time in a luxury vintage car.

Our Jaguar 420 to rent with Cartis

Rent the classic cars of the Cartis collection

Each legendary classic car of the private Cartis collection has been carefully selected over the last 15 years as a true work of art in movement. Each vintage car demonstrates the exceptional automotive design and craftsmanship of the ’50s and ’60s.

For your tailor-made experience, rent your classic car from the exceptional Cartis selection of vintage cars, which includes luxurious cars identical to those that belonged to Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Steve