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Why choose Cartis

At Cartis, we offer you a timeless experience:
  • a GPS self-guided audio tour:

Cartis provides you an integrated GPS application (hardware provided) developed for Cartis that will guide you on the whole road trip,

  • A complete travel notebook:

We give you a travel notebook including, in particular, the complete description of the road trip with all the addresses, the points of interest and the description sheet of the vehicle.

  • Beautiful adresses:

We advise you on beautiful addresses, hotels, restaurants, ... real partners of Cartis,

  • our entire fleet is owned:

Our classic cars (Cartis is the owner of its vehicles) are rare models, in excellent condition because they are regularly maintained by professionals, which is not often the case with private individuals,

  • An all-risk insurance:

You benefit from an all-risk insurance cover including an individual driver's guarantee (Cartis is the only rental company to offer this guarantee).

  • a 24-hour assistance:

You benefit from 24-hour assistance to the person and the vehicle in the event of a breakdown or accident with the provision of a replacement vehicle (Cartis is the only rental company to offer this service),

  • a total transparency:

You benefit from a total transparency with the delivery of the particular and general conditions of hiring and the sheet of the descriptive state of the vehicle (document not given if you pass by a site of setting in relation of private individuals).


8 rue Saint-Médéric
78000 Versailles contact@cartisclassiccar.fr


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