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Classic car road trip to Giverny

07th April 2020

"I am in a state of rapture, Giverny is a splendid country for me. "Claude Monet to Théodore Duret. Claude Monet settled in 1883 in Giverny in the Eure region of France, where he stayed for 43 years. A major painter of the Impressionist movement, he was also passionate about a new mode of transport, the automobile. He bought his first car in 1901, only six years after its invention. Claude Monet regularly travelled to the town of Gaillon, not far from Giverny, to attend the first hill climbs, where he was happy to meet the pioneers of the automobile, notably Armand PEUGEOT. At Cartis, we are convinced that the combination of automobile design and pictorial art will ensure the success of your clients' events. This is why we imagine our circuits as true artistic journeys at the wheel of brands with a prestigious past.