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Cartis' partnership with Saint Siméon Collection

14th October 2020

The Ferme Saint Siméon owes its international renown to the richness of its historical past but also to the exceptional men and women who have contributed to forging the reputation of this great house. Ferme Saint Siméon cultivates the French Art de Vivre. It was a pleasure to meet the team at Ferme Saint Siméon and devour the anecdotes of Xavier Parent, concierge for the Collection.


Xavier, thank you once again for our exchanges, for this passion that animates you and that you have so much pleasure in passing on to each of your customers.


How would you define the Saint Siméon experience?

I would say that it is a unique moment, a precious time to recharge your batteries in a marvellous and timeless house, full of its beautiful history and the light that has enchanted so many generations, between sky and sea.


What is your most beautiful memory at Ferme Saint Siméon?

It's a difficult question, because in 33 years, there have been many, I must say.

I think that I was particularly dazzled, in July 1989, during the very first edition of the Voiles de la Liberté, where, for several days, the most beautiful sailing ships in the world entered the Bay of the Seine, to go to Rouen, where they stayed for a short week, offered for everyone's visit and admiration. When they set out again, one after the other, to pass just in front of the Ferme Saint Siméon, before passing the mouth of the estuary, to set sail again; the enchantment was complete, these great vessels, all sails out, sinking into the splendid lights of the setting sun. The beauty, the dream, the fascination inhabited us, all of us... A huge crowd... Total silence... Only the big sails were blowing in the wind.

Beyond the glowing horizon in the blazing twilight sky... America.


Why do you like the Cartis service and how do you think it can meet the expectations of customers of the Saint Siméon Collection?

This magnificent service, born of a couple's passion for beautiful collector vehicles, echoes in our hearts and brings us back to wonder at the great joys of life.

The intimate and perfect privilege of driving a rare vehicle to an exceptional place.

It also touches on dreams, beauty, joie de vivre... A unique and timeless sensation. Didn't Baudelaire say: "My installation has always been the dearest of my dreams".

And then, the wind in your hair caressing your face as you drive on the road between Honfleur and Deauville, or in the marvellous landscapes of the Pays d'Auge.  Incomparable!


Can you tell us about what's new in 2021?

Then there will be a lot of them!

Starting with the reopening of our Spa. A place of relaxation and wonder! A place entirely dedicated to beauty, well-being and self-resourcing. Everything imbued with a beautiful harmony, colours and airy volumes, infinite light in front of one of the most beautiful estuaries in France... Incomparable!

And then there are beautiful activities, some of which are out of the ordinary, some of which are even unique. A "remake" of sulky races! The unique and exhilarating experience of taking to the track on a horse racetrack, or along the fine sandy beaches. Your own private driver will take you sulky, following the racehorses. Champions and crackers, who will leap manes in the wind, to make you taste the pure and perfect joy of the greatest jokers of Normandy.

A sailboat ride along the Côte Fleurie. Set off with your private skipper, to discover the coasts, along the Seine estuary, passing Trouville, Deauville and Cabourg...

An original visit of Honfleur. With your local guide, who is a writer and journalist, and who will know how to lead you to a city full of treasures and unsuspected beauties...


And finally, "the last but not least", the magnificent experience of setting off to discover the most beautiful sites in Normandy, in a classic vehicle. Rare moments, where the dream reaches the sublime! A happiness to be cultivated without moderation. Following in the footsteps of the Duke of Saint Simon, you will be able to say "I only want the best! »

And so many other beautiful things to appreciate the many beauties of life!


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