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NFT Metaverse Meetup

What if driving James Bond's DB5 became possible? Hang on, the unattainable is becoming accessible. Last night, in any case, this is what GL events was talking about, shaking up my preconceived ideas. And all this in the heart of Paris, under the splendid glass roof of the Samaritaine. NFT METAVERSE MEETUP! Just that!


The interventions of Laurie Bonin and Julie Corver founders ARTPOINT, Marion NIBOUREL Manager of La Place Fintech and Jean Michel Jarre author, composer and performer, aroused my curiosity and disarmed my convictions. They all enlightened us with their views on the opportunities of the Metaverse.


Although it is still a fuzzy concept at Cartis Classic Car Experience, we obviously asked ourselves about the opportunities and its impact on the classic car world. How can we be part of this movement at our level, in our own way, while keeping our DNA?


A reflection initiated during this very nice event organised by GL events, which is once again positioning itself as a precursor on the subject. Thank you to Christophe Guerin for this invitation.

Metaverse Samaritaine
Metaverse Cartis
Metaverse Samaritaine 2