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an eco friendly approach

At Cartis Classic Car Experience we are committed to EcoTree France to support biodiversity through the planting and renewal of French forests:


🌿By participating in the restoration of the Trinité Langonnet wetland🌿


🌲By offering each of our customers and for each rental of one of our classic cars a tree managed sustainably by EcoTree in one of their forests. 🌲


👉 You become the owner of your tree and make an environmental gesture that makes sense!


Moreover, by choosing the Cartis experience, you :


👉 participate in Cartis' eco-responsible patronage and support of French historical monuments,


👉 help preserve the 20,000 jobs in the French automotive industry,


👉 promote the local producers and craftsmen identified on your route,


👉 support the traditional French hotel industry,


👉 encourage the repair of vehicles rather than their replacement,

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