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Art Automobile 2021 - Château de Groussay

Where the importance of preserving ⚜French craftsmanship and heritage ⚜ takes on its full dimension!

The 2nd edition of Art Automobile orchestrated by Jean-Marc THEVENET took place last weekend. It saw exhibited models as rare as this Delage D8S of the former Mahraja Yashwantrao Holkar of Indore, which came specially from India for the occasion, or this Facel Vega HK2, produced in 182 copies.

The latter was considered by the international press to be the most beautiful post-war French car and the fastest four-seater coupé in the world.

These models are the pride of French automotive history. They are unquestionably part of the French heritage. The finesse of these models (Lalique mascot of pure beauty), the passion of these craftsmen and their owners make me think that these collector's items, now in the process of disappearing, can be compared with certain French sculptural and pictorial works of art.

This raises the question of preserving the French knowledge of this sector, represented today by 20,000 people working daily on the restoration and maintenance of this heritage left by true French automotive artists. It is notably thanks to initiatives such as those of Jean-Marc THEVENET but also thanks to the relentless work of the teams of the French Federation of Vintage Vehicles that this artistic heritage will fully take its place in the history of France.

Art Automobile 2021 Groussay
Art Automobile 2021 Groussay Cartis
Art Automobile 2021 Groussay 3