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Fine dining at Carmen restaurant & lounge

24 November 2020

The Cartis Classic Car experience is made up of encounters and shared passions. I am pleased to announce our partnership with Patrick Eyroi, owner and chef of Carmen Restaurant & Salon, Place Saint Louis in Versailles, an intimate address whose fine cuisine will delight your taste buds on your return from your weekend or day out with one of our classic cars. Ideal address also to welcome your clients or your colleagues: enjoy a refined breakfast before taking possession of your classic cars for a tailor-made rally from Versailles on the most beautiful roads in France. Patrick Eyroi has created a Cocoon collection for all the duration to simply indulge yourself, on sale every lunchtime and evening except Mondays. Meet Patrick Eyroi at the Carmen restaurant & lounge at 11 rue Saint Honoré in Versailles. Reservation: 09 86 76 15 46.