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Cartis Classic Car partnership with La Dîme de Giverny

10th November 2020

I am pleased to announce our collaboration with La Dîme de Giverny. This beautiful guestroom is, in the heart of the village of Giverny, an essential stop on our tourist tours, a harmonious balance between gentle living and artistic emulation. The beauty of the place, its history and its gentle way of life make La Dîme de Giverny an ideal holiday stop on the Cartis tours. Associated with the soul of Giverny, the houses and gardens that line the alleys, the colors of the water lilies on the Epte, all that Claude Monet loved, the suspended time whispers at the turn of the Baudy Hotel the voices of the painters of yesteryear.

SD: Hello Frédérique, thank you very much for this interview - for this collaboration with Cartis Classic Car Experience. Can you quickly explain the raison d'être of La Dîme de Giverny?

FB: When we bought this place in 2014, everything had to be renovated but we immediately fell in love with its old stones and the special atmosphere that emanated from it. Our project was to create a place that resembles us in which we could welcome our guests as if they were meeting for a weekend or a few days in their country house, thus leaving the soul of Giverny and the beauty of the places of La Dîme to soothe a life led to 100 an hour.

SD: How would you describe the soul of your establishment?

FB: La Dîme de Giverny is a house filled with love, generous and open to all lovers of the beautiful, to people sensitive to the art of the Impressionists but also to the beauty and serenity that emanates from our environment.

SD: What experience do your customers have at La Dîme?

FB: the vast majority of our guests tell us appreciate the calm and beauty of the place, the uncluttered style of decoration, the old stones restored in the rules of art, the huge green garden, the haven of calm and peace, all compliments that make, we hope, the true luxury of the establishment.

SD: How does the Cartis Classic Car experience fit into the spirit of the place?

FB: The Cartis Classic Car service is fully in line with the experiences we wish to recommend to our customers: elegance, chic, dreaming, forgetting the crazy rhythm of Parisian life, escaping by old car and driving through the Chevreuse Valley to stay at La Dîme de Giverny and discover the village of Giverny. What could be better for a weekend or a few days of vacation?

SD: Thank you, Frédérique, for agreeing to answer my questions. And then let's remember, Claude Monet, a major painter of the Impressionist movement, installed in Giverny in 1883 not far from La Dîme, was passionate about cars and bought his first automobile in 1901 to go to the Gaillon hill race located a few kilometres from Giverny where he will rub shoulders with the pioneers of this new industry, Armand PEUGEOT to name but a few. We can find your establishment on

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