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At Cartis, experience art in motion

9th July 2020

"To me, the automobile is a kind of special art: an art in motion." Ralph LAUREN As a child, Ralph LAUREN, sitting on the ledge of the living room sofa, imagines himself for hours behind the wheel of a car. He began his career as a stylist. He is cradling his ties in the back of his 1966 Morgan, presenting his latest collections to upscale clients in the upscale suburbs of New York. His unique style, the quality of his ties and the identity and positioning he chooses quickly forge the brand image reinforced over the years. A true enthusiast (he has retained his Morgan), Ralph LAUREN draws his inspiration from the automobile by observing the details of the mythical models in his collection. Beyond the beauty of the shapes, Ralph LAUREN appreciates the driving sensations of each of his cars; Much more than antique pieces or master paintings, his vehicles, true art in motion, awaken each of his senses. At Cartis, experience art in motion. "Take a trip in classic, create your own dream"