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Kirk Douglas in honour of the Deauville Festival

29th June 2020

"I'm so proud of Michael because he never followed my advice. I wanted him to be a doctor or a lawyer and the first time I saw him play in a play, I told him he was terribly bad. Kirk Douglas It's hard to make a place for yourself with such a charismatic father and yet Michael's career is proof that being an actor with the Douglases is a matter of passion. Kirk Douglas, the son of a ragman, grew up in poverty in a small town in Up.0 He has only one dream: to be an actor. He then worked as a waiter and fair wrestler to pay for his studies and join the academy of drama. After small roles, he was revealed in 1949 in "The Champion" where he camped a boxer. Kirk followed up the roles and played the most famous actors of the time. A sacred monster of Hollywood cinema, he won only an honorary Oscar in 1996. While Clark Gable and Robert Mitchum are riding in the Jaguar XK 120, Kirk Douglas is moving to Austin Healey, an English sports model. Kirk Douglas will be in the spotlight at the upcoming Deauville Festival. With Cartis, relive the legend to your customers behind the wheel of our Austin Healey at the Deauville Festival.