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Marilyn Monroe & Tony Curtis little-known idyll

10 th June 2020

"Kissing Marilyn was magical." Tony Curtis Marilyn, 24, redhead, unknown to the general public meets Tony Curtis in 1951 during a casting at Universal. If their idyll is brief, their path crosses again in 1959 during the filming of "Some Love It Hot", a masterpiece of the 7th Art where reality was confused with the film's screenplay; This time it is Arthur Miller, then married to Marilyn who will end their romance. While Marilyn's career was unfortunately short due to her untimely death, Tony Curtis' career was successful with almost 100 films to her credit and the participation in 27 episodes of the cult television series "Friendly Yours" alongside the no less famous Roger Moore. The Ferrari Dino and the Aston Martin DBS are the image of the two protagonists Danny Wilde - Lord Brett Sinclair. The automobile plays an important role in the lives of all these stars, both in the city and on screens, as an extension of their personalities, the Ford Thunderbird for Marilyne's wedding or the Dino Ferrari for Tony Curtis. At Cartis, our Classic Car will reveal your personality.