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Porsche 356, Sir Sean Connery car

03 june 2020

"I saw Sean coming. He pushed the door, I thought, "But what charisma this guy exudes." He had the script under his arm, he pulls the chair in front of me and he says, "Listen, boy." He opens the script and starts reading it. I got goosebumps." Jean Jacques Annaud - Casting The Name of the Rose. Sean Connery, an incrediblely charismatic Scottish actor who became world famous for first wearing the secret agent James Bond's costume in 1962, relaunched his career in 1986 with the film "The Name of the Rose" by playing the character Guillaume de Baskerville, a character far removed from the role of the famous secret agent. If 007, the best agent of his majesty, had a strong taste for the Aston Martin of David Brown (the mythical DB5), in life Sean Connery's choices turned to other brands like the Jensen CV8 or the Porsche 356