The Cartis experience, an exclusive journey in a classic car

A trip with friends, a romantic weekend or a family vacation?

Rent one of our classics and enjoy an unforgettable moment discovering the most beautiful roads in France. Our GPS self-guided audio application guides you on beautiful countryside roads from the picturesque and tranquil to the wild and rugged. Thanks to our GPS self-guided audi application, enjoy your drive behind the wheel of some of the greatest cars ever made sa well as the beauty of surrondings and historical monuments.

Indulge in a luxurious getaway behind the wheel of Marilyn Monroe’s Ford Thunderbird, drive James Dean’s Porsche 356, Brigitte Bardot’s Austin-Healey or even Ralph Laurens Morgan.

Let yourself be carried away by the power of the engine, the beauty of the curves and go discover the French heritage. Leave behind the hum drum of every day life and live for the moment when all that counts are pleasure and feeling good.

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A Tour guide in your car

Throw your maps and guides away! The Cartis GPS self-guided audio application revolutionizes the classic car rental market. This GPS self-guided audio application is embedded in your car. Take full advantage of your classic car journey thanks to its many features: :

  • A tour guide in your car: Hear fascinating behind-the-scenes stories about the history and cultural highlights. Find explanations of each point of interest, check the weather forecast, get the contact details of our hotels and restaurants to inform them of your arrival time or check the opening hours of the next museum.
  • Easy to use: Easier to use than the GPS of your everyday car, the Cartis GPS self-guided audio application guides you on the itinerary of your journey thanks to its geolocation system and audio tour that play automatically as you drive. You fully enjoy surrondings, hidden villages and beauty of French landscape.
  • Géofencing: it automatically plays a notification when you approach a tourist site, a gastronomic or hotel stop, a gas station or a parking near the tourist sites.
  • Works offline:No data, cellular or even wireless network connection is needed while taking your journey. All information is activated by GPS as you move.
  • Alerte sortie de circuit : If you do wander off in the wrong direction, the Cartis GPS self-guided audio application will play an audio alert.Follow the map on your screen to the next location..
  • Tour on Your Own Schedule: our GPS self-guided audio tour gives you the freedom to stop whenever you want to. Explore surrondings, historical monuments at your own pace and use the audio play whenever you want.
All these addresses and the history of the tourist sites are included in the travel booklet given when you rent your classic. Turn the key, start our GPS and enjoy your journey in a classic car by discovering beautiful roads and landscapes with your beloved one or family.


To provide you with a unique experience, we have selected addresses of excellence in compliance with Cartis values ​​and commitments. All these addresses welcome you in the tradition of a French Art de Vivre. Discover the cuisine or the history of these legendary places.


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