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The Cartis Classic Car experience offers much more than just a classic car rental. Created by renowned manufacturers such as Donald Healey, these works of art once transported the likes of Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Steve McQueen. Each car in the Cartis private collection has been carefully selected over the past fifteen years and stands testament to the exceptional automotive design and craftsmanship of the 1950s and 60s. Rent one of the cars in the Cartis collection and you will find yourself behind the wheel of a genuine masterpiece, all set for an exceptional journey.

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Your 100% digitally guided trip

Your car is equipped with a market-exclusive audio-guided GPS app. Our Cartis GPS app is a true technological marvel. Available offline, it guides you along your route, allowing you to fully savour every precious moment of your classic car journey. Staying off the beaten track, rent a Cartis classic car and set off for the scenic trails of the French countryside, all mapped out for you by the app. Much more than a simple GPS, the app notifies you of all the unmissable sights. Like your own personal tour guide, it gives you details about the next stop or hotel on your tour and tells you where to find the nearest petrol station on the way. Tailored to your needs, it guarantees a driving experience of total pleasure and leisure.

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Enjoy the French Art of Living

Enjoy the French Art of Living

During your journey, you will stop off at charming, exclusive hotels and guest houses where the art of fine hospitality has been passed down from generation to generation. Throughout the trip, you can enjoy the sweet life, all while gaining insight into the fascinating history of France. On your route, you will discover local, environmentally friendly producers of fine culinary products and expert craftsmanship. Your classic car journey is much more than just a rental; it is an invitation to escape and indulge the senses, offering you a moment suspended in time of pure relaxation and contemplation.

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Your journey with Cartis: an eco-friendly approach

At Cartis we are committed to EcoTree to support biodiversity through the planting and renewal of French forests: We participate in the restoration of the wetland of Trinité Langonnet.

We offer you, when you take over your classic car, a tree managed sustainably by EcoTree in one of their forests. You thus become owner of your tree and make an environmental gesture which has sense!

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I just wanted to write you to let you know that I really appreciate the excellent service that you and your husband provided my wife and I when we were in France. It is clear that you and your husband have built a wonderful and well run business with a unique niche market. You’re customer service is thoughtful, sincere, and absolutely extraordinary. I couldn’t be more happy with the way our trip turned out.

Thank you so much for everything and for doing what you do. You provide an amazing and unique service and I can’t wait to use it again the next time I visit France. I will be highly recommending you to family and friends as they take trips to France and I look forward to the time our paths cross again." Paul Tremblay - Phoenix - June 2022

“Thanks again for such a wonderful weekend!” Sébastien P., Lawyer - Rueil-Malmaison – February 2021

“The Chevreuse Valley was simply splendid to discover in a Porsche 356. I can’t wait to take my next trip!” Clothilde G. – Le Vésinet, July 2020

“Absolutely love your app. No more need to worry about where to go. We were able to just go with the flow, it was great!” Laetitia P. – Saint Mandé, August 2020

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Cartis, partenaire des Demoiselles à Versailles

26 juillet 2021

Cartis, partenaire des Demoiselles à Versailles

Versaillaise de cœur, passionnée par l’histoire de Versailles, Katia Lobato a créé la marque Les Demoiselles à Versailles spécialisée dans la location saisonnière haut de gamme. Les Demoiselles à Versailles est l’aboutissement d’un projet familial en hommage aux filles de Katia, Diane et Victoria nées à Versailles. Le concept unique vous permet de louer un bien haut de gamme, en personnalisant ce temps privilégié selon vos aspirations, votre personnalité et de bénéficier de la conciergerie privée des Demoiselles à Versailles avec ses accès VIP.


Le leitmotiv de Katia et de son équipe : offrir luxe, calme, volupté, des services de conciergerie à leur clientèle à l’instar des accès VIP auprès d’enseignes prestigieuses comme le Spa Guerlain… Katia Lobato et son équipe puisent leurs inspirations à travers des rencontres, la découverte de lieux atypiques, de caractère, pour vous offrir le meilleur. Elles vous proposent des biens d’exception, véritables signatures de la fameuse « french touch » ou l’élégance à la française prend toute sa signification à travers son Art de vivre reconnu à l’international.


Chaque bien en conciergerie aux Demoiselles à Versailles est un véritable coup de cœur tant au niveau de l’architecture que du style insufflé, de la décoration, de l’atmosphère qui s’en dégage… Vivez l’expérience Les Demoiselles à Versailles loin des standards en profitant des services et prestations de luxe proposés par Katia (gastronomie, Art de vivre, bien-être…).

Photos : Le Château à l'Anglaise, lieu en conciergerie aux Demoiselles à Versailles (Ile de France).


Pour plus d’information : Les Demoiselles à Versailles

Les Demoiselles A Versailles 2
Les Demoiselles A Versailles 3
Les Demoiselles A Versailles 4

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